The CapView team is comprised of senior experts with broad and deep experience in the federal government, states, and the private sector. Our team members have worked in senior leadership positions at CMS, MACPAC, MedPAC, in staff positions in the Congress, as well as in key leadership positions in the private sector, and the states. Using our knowledge of what drives decision-making, we make the health care landscape more transparent.

Our experience makes us nimble and the size of the CapView team assures both personal attention and a commitment to developing a long-term relationship with our clients. We believe in working collaboratively and really listening to our clients’ needs. By understanding the impact of today’s regulatory and legislative issues, we craft evidence-based solutions that shape advocacy and business decisions.

CapView Team:

Senior Advisors to the CapView Team:

CapView routinely engages and works with consultants who have broad-based expertise, such as former state Medicaid directors and ex-CMS/CCIIO senior leadership and staff.