CapView specializes in understanding — and analyzing the implications of — the evolving policy landscape and the roles and responsibilities of the federal government, states, and the private sector. We work with health care providers, health plans, health systems, drug and device manufacturers, academic institutions, and foundations. The CapView team views each engagement as an active partnership to develop strategic, actionable solutions — strategies that advance public policy objectives now and create a solid foundation for the future.

In this era of unprecedented pressures on the health care system — exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic — creative solutions are required to advance quality, equity and value. Our evidence-based approach connects the dots across issues and options for the development of successful, long-term policies.

  • Issue Areas and Expertise
  • Policy and Business Strategy
  • Evidence-Based Policy Development and Research
  • Thought Leadership
  • Tracking Policy Trends
  • Alternative payment models and value-based payment issues
  • Behavioral health
  • COVID-19 policy developments and impacts
  • Digital health
  • Dual eligibles
  • Health equity and social determinants of health
  • Health insurance marketplaces and ACA policies
  • Home and community-based services
  • Medicare and Medicaid coverage and payment policies including for new therapies and technologies
  • Payment and coverage for immunizations
  • Pharmacy services
  • State health policy issues
  • Waivers (Section 1115, Section 1332)
  • Policy Landscape Analysis. Assessing implications of trends across federal and state policies to inform strategies and solutions.
  • Regulatory and Legislative Analysis. Analyzing proposed legislation and regulations on Medicare and Medicaid; developing broad-based strategies to affect policy decision-making through channels such as comment letters.
  • Stakeholder Engagement. Identifying opportunities and developing effective strategies for partnerships between government agencies and private-sector stakeholders.
  • Policy Campaigns. Designing public policy campaigns with strategic partners on issues in health care.
  • Payment and Delivery Reform. Designing alternative payment models (APMs) in Medicare and Medicaid, using the CapView APM Framework©.
  • Original Research on Public Policy Issues. Conducting analyses of emerging trends in Medicaid, Medicare and health system reform, disseminated through CapViewPoints© and other publications.
  • Innovation in Health Care. Designing and conducting research to advance public policy solutions on emerging issues such as digital health technologies, home- and community-based care, and immunization issues.
  • Advisory Boards. Managing and conducting meetings on behalf of corporate boards and councils.
  • Expert Panels. Convening technical and public policy experts to develop broad-based solutions to health policy challenges.
  • Meetings and Policy Summits. Serving on and supporting boards and expert panels, delivering presentations and keynote addresses.
  • White Papers and Blogs. Presenting public policy options in blogs, white papers, and journal articles that address emerging challenges in health care.
  • MedPAC and MACPAC Policy Reviews. Analysis of Commission meetings and deliberations from client-specific vantage points. Unlike press accounts of meetings, the CapView policy reviews address the implications of the Commission’s work and recommendations across individual client issues and are designed to facilitate strategic planning and engagement with states, CMS, and with the Congress.
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  • COVID-19 Policy Updates. Daily snapshot of key policy actions taken by the President, the Congress, Executive Branch Agencies and states in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Analysis and work released by foundations and key news outlets are also included.
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  • Equity Policy Tracker. Summarizes the deliberations of the newly formed HHS COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force. The equity policy tracker will also include state policy activities as equity boards and task forces are developed in response to emerging state priorities and federal policy recommendations.
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  • SMaRT©. CapView’s State Medicaid and Reform Tracker (SMaRT©) is a customized dashboard that focuses on client-specific issues and states and can be used to inform policy and business objectives. The dashboard includes a deeper dive on state policy trends and programmatic features that can facilitate strategic engagement within and across states and at the federal level.
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  • CapView APM Framework©. The CapView APM Framework© informs creation of new or refinement of existing models. CapView’s framework supports development of models by identifying elements across six design categories essential to all models. The framework is a synthesis of CapView’s research, experience working across stakeholders to develop models and a review of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Physician-Focused Payment Model Technical Advisory Panel, the Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network and other stakeholder’s priorities.
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  • Key Policy Updates. Policy tracking is developed and tailored to client-specific issues. CapView works with clients to identify and track client-specific policy issues across federal and state venues, as well as foundations and key policy publications. Updates are provided on a weekly basis.
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