Sarah Pfau, JD, MPH, Senior Advisor

Sarah Pfau
Sarah Pfau has enjoyed 30 dynamic years of health policy and health care law. Her experience spans leadership roles in the private sector, national non-profit, academic, public interest law, and State government venues—including 6 years of regulatory work in the North Carolina Medicaid and CHIP programs.

She has extensive legislative drafting and analysis, grant writing, business development, and project management experience. Sarah skillfully synthesizes and distills complex concepts for non-legal audiences and delivers presentations to professionals with diverse roles within their agencies. Sarah monitors and analyzes federal and state legal updates to inform clients’ policy decisions and compliance efforts across numerous operational areas in the Medicaid and Medicare programs. She has an expert working knowledge of CMS managed care regulations and Medicaid managed care health plan and provider agency operations. Sarah holds an M.P.H. from the University of California, Berkley, and a JD from North Carolina Central University.